How To Enjoy A Stress-Free Summer Vacation

May 10th, 2018   •   Comments Off on How To Enjoy A Stress-Free Summer Vacation   
How To Enjoy A Stress-Free Summer Vacation


It seems counterintuitive to be stressed out on vacation, but unfortunately, it happens a lot. In our normal routines, we eat well, exercise and go to sleep at consistent times each night. On vacation, we eat much later than we usually would, don’t pay as much attention to exercising or sleep and may be in extremely close proximity with stress-inducing family members. This is not a recipe for being your most relaxed self.


Here we’ll give you helpful ways to plan your best vacation as well as tips to actually enjoy a stress-free summer vacation.

Planning Your Getaway


When planning your trip, figure out how you want to feel afterwards. For example, do you usually sit all day at your job? Perhaps try a bike tour around a new city. For ideas on how to maximize healthy habits over vacation, there are many websites at your disposal. One we really like is Authority Health; you can click here for the latest reviews on the hottest workout trends.
Here are more ideas to help plan your trip:


  • Stay close – Can your family handle a long airplane ride or an interminable car ride? If not, stay close by. Renting an airbnb in a neighboring city or state will take you away from your real life without having to suffer through any difficult travelling.
  • Keep it shortOne study has found that even short vacations have a profound effect on stress levels. A long weekend away can give you a surprisingly refreshing stress-free summer vacation.
  • Crowdsource – Most people have time saved and the inclination to go on vacation but find planning a vacation to be super stressful. You do not need to invent the wheel. People are more than happy to share their vacation hits and misses. Asking around is the easiest way to research a fun vacation plan.

5 Tips To Enjoy A Stress-Free Summer Vacation


Going on vacation doesn’t just mean packing your suitcase, it also requires getting yourself mentally ready to be in vacation mode. Try these tips to help shake off any stress:


  1. Self-care – Are you going somewhere tropical? If your toes have been in hibernation since last summer, treat yourself to a pedicure. Doing something for yourself is a healthy habit to cultivate and will ease your stress levels.
  2. Countdown – Get the whole family involved with a countdown to your vacation. The journey and buildup is as important as actually going away. Talking about going away will help get you in the mood.
  3. Make Lists – Forgetting something at home like medication or your favorite sunglasses will bring unwanted stress into your trip. Making lists well before you leave will help eliminate forgetting essential items.
  4. Mindset – Even the most meticulously planned trips will go wrong at some point. You can’t control the weather or other people’s moods. Expected that the unexpected will definitely happen, especially with children. Did your family activity get rained out? Are there no dinner reservations? Sometimes the stickiest situations become the most memorable ones. Try to keep that in mind when disaster strikes.
  5. Alone time – Are you traveling with other people? Make sure to schedule time to do something that is important for you. Often when spending time with extended family, we all have a tendency to revert into our younger selves. Remember, you are older and wiser now, and know what you need from a relaxing vacation.

Take Away


Whether it’s the pressure you put on yourself to make sure you are having a good time or the real-life worries you are ignoring, actually enjoying your vacation takes a lot of preparation. In doing so, you can focus on being in the moment and truly bask in a stress-free summer vacation.


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