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Guided Mindfulness Exercises

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Mindfulness of breath


The below short mindfulness meditations focus on bringing awareness to your breathing. Breathing is something that we do continuously, watching your breath allows you to come into the present and practise being aware. 


Title Size
Length Guidance  Download
Three minute breathing 1.0 3:35 Peter Morgan, Free Mindfulness 3MinuteBreathing
Five minute breathing 3.7 5:31 Mindfulness Awareness Research Centrum, UCLA 5MinuteBreathing
Five minute breathing 4.3 4:39 Life Happens LifeHappens
Six minute breathing 1.7 6:32 Melbourne Mindfulness Centre & Still Mind StillMind6Minute
Ten minute breathing 2.6 9:56 Peter Morgan, Free Mindfulness 10MinuteBreathing
Ten minute mindfulness of breathing 9.2 10:01 Padraig O’Morain TenMinuteMindfulness


Brief Mindfulness Practises


Title Size
Length Guidance Download
Brief mindfulness practise 3.7 4:05 Padraig O’Morain BriefMindfulness
The breathing space 5.2 5:39 Vidyamala Burch, Breathworks BreathingSpace
The tension release meditation
5.3 5:45 Vidyamala Burch, Breathworks TensionRelease
Three minute breathing space
1.0 3:34 Peter Morgan, Free Mindfulness BreathingSpace
Three minute mindfulness of sounds 1.4 3:02 Peter Morgan, Free Mindfulness 3MinuteSounds


Body scan

Body scan meditations can be performed while sitting, lying down or in other postures. They guide you to move your focus of attention throughout your body, being curious about your experience and mindfully watching any feelings or sensations that you become aware of. 


Title Size
Length Guidance Download
Twenty minute bodyscan
9.0 23:12 UCSD Center for Mindfulness 20MinuteBodyScan
10.0 39:50 Kieran Fleck, Senior CBT Therapist 40MinuteBodyScan
Four minute bodyscan
1.0 4:01 Melbourne Mindfulness Centre & Still Mind StillMind4Minute

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