Do You Want a More Peaceful and Compassionate Life?

December 19th, 2015   •   Comments Off on Do You Want a More Peaceful and Compassionate Life?   
Do You Want a More Peaceful and Compassionate Life?


The Dalai Lama is the renowned leader of Tibetan Buddhism and the political leader of the country of Tibet. He was born, Lhamo Dondrub, in 1935 in a small village in Tibet and was chosen to become both the spiritual and secular leader of the country. He was forced to escape from his home country of Tibet when the Chinese invaded in 1959. Since that time, the Dalai Lama has offered the world words of wisdom to help expand their spirituality and improve conditions for all those who inhabit the planet. 


Here are a few of his quotes and how they can be applied in your daily life so that your life will be less stressful and instead be more peaceful and compassionate:


1 – “Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.”


In this quote, the Dalai Lama states his confirmed belief in the power of kindness and compassion and how it can be used in people’s daily lives. So often, people find it easy to be hard-hearted and dismissive of others when they do not live up to expectations. However, the Dalai Lama reminds them that kindness is always possible, and that it can often be the balm that helps to cement relationships and resolve problems.


2 – “Human happiness and human satisfaction must ultimately come from within oneself.”


Many people look for happiness in material goods or public acclaim. These successes often end up feeling hollow, because they don’t satisfy out deepest inner needs. The Dalai Lama understands that, in their deepest hearts, external objects and the acclaim of others are fleeting and changeable. Happiness that lasts only comes from within, from the actions we take and the good that we accomplish.


3 – “If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.”


The Dalai Lama provides an easy solution. If you want to be happy, seek out ways to be compassionate to others. Making others happy inevitably leads to peoples’ own inner happiness. Look for opportunities to serve others, and you will find a greater sense of contentment in yourself.


4 – “Love and Compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive.”


Society often does not value kindness, compassion and love for other people regardless of their station or relationship. Some people feel it is a sign of weakness that contributes to many of the ills of society. But from the deepest understanding of human nature, the Dalai Lama assures us that compassion and love can accomplish more good than any harsh response. People respond in ways that are not expected, and the world can become a better place because of it.


5 – “A good friend who points out mistakes and imperfections and rebukes evil is to be respected as if he reveals the secret of some hidden treasure.”


Honesty can be the impetus of change, both in human character and the wider world. A friend who honestly challenges you to be your best self offers you an opportunity to make changes that can improve your life immeasurably. Value those who give you honest answers, because these people care enough to tell the truth.


6 – “It is not enough to be compassionate. We must act.”


Fostering kindness toward others is useless unless we harness the energy to do good in the world. These actions can ripple through society, creating a better circumstance for everyone.


7 – “We need to learn how to want what we have, NOT to have what we want, in order to get stable and steady happiness.”


Discontent and craving can make people forever dissatisfied. This unhappiness is never satisfied, because as soon as people get what they wanted, they go on to find something else they want. In this way, they never have enough and never feel at peace. Learning to appreciate all that you have, without craving something more, is the fastest way to serenity and inner peace.


The Dalai Lama is revered for the wise words he offers to help people find the contentment in life. He often encourages people to try out his concepts to see if they work. Although the Buddhist path is not always easy, it offers many benefits for those who want to live a more peaceful and compassionate existence.

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