Using Essential Oils For Relaxation And Stress Relief

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Using Essential Oils For Relaxation And Stress Relief


Although societal advancements have made life easier in so many ways, the demands that come from career and family often leave many people feeling stressed out and upset most days. Finding ways to relax in the midst of sometimes, overwhelming responsibilities is vital to good health and happiness.


Using natural relaxation techniques such as essential oils are perfect for helping you let to go of your tension. These concentrated scents work with your limbic system to improve emotions, cognitive functioning and to eliminate pain. You may find some oils more pleasant than others so be sure try several of them to find which you prefer.


If you could only have one essential oil in your cabinet, lavender is an excellent choice. This fragrant oil is extracted from the tiny purple flowers that cover the plants and has been called the “universal” essential oil due to the many benefits from use. Not only will it heal burns and bites on your skin, it is ideal for relaxation. It can also be used in massage oil to minimize pain in your joints and muscles.


It is important to note that you should never apply essential oils directly to your skin without first mixing with a carrier oil. Be sure to start with a two percent dilution and adjust as needed until you find just the right amount for you.


A wonderful complement to lavender is vanilla essential oil. For many, this scent brings warm memories of beloved desserts and some research indicates it is similar in odor and taste to breast milk, which may provide a subconscious additional benefit to those who were nursed by a loving mother as infants.


It creates a relaxing experience while enhancing your mental clarity, making it the perfect choice for daytime use when you have obligations to meet. A stress-related upset stomach can be calmed through inhalation of this oil and you may notice that it satisfies your cravings for desserts as an added bonus.


Chamomile oil is available in both Roman and German varieties. Each of these is good for increasing relaxation and calming your nerves. You may also notice less digestive troubles when using chamomile oil. However, you should be aware of the differences.


While German oil is an excellent ingredient in skin care products, it has limited mental and emotional benefits. On the other hand, Roman chamomile has been used successfully to reduce paranoia and hostility, both of which can be a result of excessive long-term stress. It is also a superior choice for the treatment of anxiety, including racing thoughts and related cognitive disruptions.


An expensive choice, rose oil smells like the popular flower. The production of a single ounce of oil demands around 60,000 roses, which is why the price is greater than many other essential oils on the market. However, since only small amounts are needed and the benefits so great, you should still consider using it. In addition to reducing your stress-related symptoms, it works well to counteract depression and anxiety. Women, in particular, find it useful for relaxing during hormonal experiences such as PMS and menopause.


For men and those seeking a more exotic fragrance to treat stress, frankincense is a good choice. Stress-induced asthma and related respiratory conditions respond well to the comforting aroma.


You can also use these oils in a diffuser which allows the aromatic healing scent to spread throughout your home or work environment. If you work around others, be sure that they, too, enjoy your choice.


Experiment with one or more of these essential oils to discover which fragrances are most effective in providing relief from your stress, allowing you to deeply relax. You may discover that frankincense is a great daytime choice while lavender helps in the hour or two before you retire for the evening.


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