How To Say “Adrenal Fatigue” In 23 Foreign Languages

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How To Say “Adrenal Fatigue” In 23 Foreign Languages


It was Dr. James Wilson who coined the term “Adrenal Fatigue” in 1998, but Adrenal Fatigue has been (and often still is) referred to by many other names such as Non-Addison’s hypoadrenia,  sub-clinical hypoadrenia, Neurasthenia, General adaptation syndrome, Adrenal neurasthenia, Adrenal apathy, Adrenaline fatigue, HPA axis dysfunction, Adrenal burnout, Adrenal exhaustion, functional hypoadrenia and functional Adrenal stress. These are all used as synonyms for Adrenal Fatigue in the English language and I was curious to see whether Adrenal Fatigue has direct equivalents in other languages.


I found out that Adrenal Fatigue is by no means limited to the English language, Western developed countries (1) or is a culturally-specific concept for that matter. In fact the term Adrenal Fatigue has a direct equivalent in many languages, from the Chinese language to Afrikaans, Indonesian and Russian language (clearly thanks to Dr. Wilson’s pioneering work on stress and adrenal function). Although Adrenal Fatigue is not (yet) recognized by the medical community as a valid condition, apparently (millions of) people and traditions from other countries and cultures across the globe not only experience its symptoms but have also labelled it in their own language as “Adrenal Fatigue”. The table below shows as many languages as I could find that have an equivalent for Adrenal Fatigue (I am sure there are more).


If you speak a foreign language and can add to our list, please leave a note in the comments or send an email and we’ll update the post — and the image too. 




English Adrenal Fatigue
Chinese (Simplified)
Spanish Fatiga Adrenal
Hindi अधिवृक्क थकान
Arabic  التعب الكظرية
Fadiga Adrenal
Russian Усталости Надпочечников
Japanese 副腎の疲労
German Nebennierenschwäche
Zmęczenie Nadnerczy
Kelelahan Adrenal
mệt mỏi tuyến thượng thận
부신 피로
French La Fatigue (Des Glandes) Surrénales
Turkish Adrenal Yorgunluğu
Swedish Binjureutmattning
Italian Stanchezza Surrenale
Urdu ادورکک تھکاوٹ
Hebrew עייפות יותרת הכליה
Afrikaans Adrenale Moegheid

References & Further Reading

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