Get Rid Of Your Fatigue With These 5 Ayurvedic Tactics

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Get Rid Of Your Fatigue With These 5 Ayurvedic Tactics


Ayurvedic Medicine, referred to as Ayurveda, is one of the most ancient medical practices in the world, dating back almost 3,000 years ago. Originating in India, Ayurveda incorporates knowledge of the body’s composition and interconnections and combines it with natural, holistic treatments including the use of various herbs, exercise, and diet changes.


It has proven to be beneficial in lowering stress levels, decreasing inflammation, reducing cholesterol and blood pressure levels, and balancing out hormonal levels. Today, Ayurveda continues to be the most desired form of health care in India as well as Southeast Asia and has recently been paired with Western Medicine among today’s health care system in parts of the United States.

Internal Energy of the Human Body


All humans are different, but have you ever put thought into what makes us so different? A person’s internal energy found within is a huge contributor to the differences we see amongst each other.


According to Ayurveda, the human body consists of three elements (commonly referred to as Doshas) that make up our internal energy;


Vata reflects air and space

Pitta represents water and fire

Kapha mirrors earth and water.


When looking at these internal energies we can be at one of 3 different states. These states include:


Balanced: When all 3 energies are equal; generally speaking this is when someone is at their “best state”

Increased: When one of the energy systems is heavier than the others causing an imbalance of energies. This can cause someone to be in an “aggravated state.”

Decreased: When one or more Doshas are depleted or lower than the others also causing an imbalance. This promotes a more “tired state.”


Obviously the main, sought after goal is to have all the Doshas balanced. If your internal energy is balanced it leads to a healthier, relaxed, lifestyle. This in turn allows you to grab ahold of this locked up energy and release it from within.


5 Easy Ways to Unlock your Internal Energy Today


1.           Rise and Shine-Wake up early!


Let’s be honest, we have all had those mornings where we hit snooze and wake up 10 minutes before we need to leave the house or in some cases purposefully set a late alarm. Instead, make an effort to wake up right before or as the sun is rising. Energy from the sun fills our external environment during this time and allows us to have the opportunity to take it in and awaken our internal energy. I guess it’s true when they say the early bird gets the worm!


2.           Recreate your morning routine


A routine is good for anyone, no matter what age, and allows the body to get used to doing something every single morning. Well get your morning started right! A solid morning routine allows you to avoid mental fatigue by reducing anxiety and pressure we continuously run into. Whether it’s hitting the gym, meditating, or even reading your favorite book, find something you love to incorporate into your morning ritual.

3.           Be mindful of what you are putting into your body


This quite possibly may be the hardest task to remain mindful of. But it’s true when they say you are what you eat. Instead of packing your body with empty calories, fill it with fresh, non-processed foods. Not only will this release your internal energy, but it will also make you feel good all around. In today’s culture our food is highly processed, ridden with additives and increased amounts of unnecessary sugar. Go fresh! Substitute these no good foods with fresh fruits and veggies. Throw out that processed meat and give your body hormone free, antibiotic free, free range meats! Trust me your body and internal energy will thank you for it later!

4.           Find time for relaxation…but most importantly SILENCE


Stress! The silent killer! Relaxation paired with peace and quiet allows your body to recover from the stresses that may come from daily life. Even if you take just a few minutes away from your normally scheduled events to allow yourself to close your eyes and wash out everything else going on around you, you will start to see results. Relaxation allows for self-reflection and self-reflection allows you to balance your Doshas, leading you to find your internal energy that much quicker and easier.

5.           Bottoms up!-Increase your water intake


Although simple, increasing your water intake proves to be a powerful aspect in unlocking your inner energy. 7-8 glasses of water a day helps to maintain the balance of body fluids, controls caloric intake, and energizes your muscles leading you to unlock that inner energy. Drinking more water each day can lead to weight loss and increased energy levels, allowing your inner energy to be released and opens yourself up for a network of possibilities. To get more effect, mix water with superfoods such as shilajit. This mineral supplement is a powerful energy booster.


The New You


Unlocking your inner energy opens your world up to a new realm of possibility. It will take away your toxic, negative beliefs you have come to live by and replace them with optimistic powerful rules to begin living life by. Of course in life we will always have to face various hardships and challenges during our journey but by unlocking this inner energy you will be able to face and most importantly overcome these hardships with new optimism. By revealing your internal energy you will slowly begin to see life through new eyes.


In order to unlock you internal energy you need to begin with a choice. A decision to be a better you each and every day when you wake up. You owe it to yourself to unleash the power you have within and to change not only your life but the lives around you. When you finally choose to unlock your inner energy, only then will you be the best person you can possibly be. 


About the Author



Polly Tlg has always been interested in holistic and alternative ways of healing. Ayurveda and yoga are the best medicines for her. Deeply intuitive she finds that true healing surpasses the boundaries of the physical body and embraces the emotional, energetic and subtlest layers of our being. Polly helps people to know how to be healthy and beautiful using only natural remedies. She is an expert in Shilajit, what is one of the main superfood of Ayurveda. She believes that nature is the best source of human health.




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